Lookup Users Payroll info

You can use ProjectBrowser to quickly see reports for staff and their calculated payroll information. 

# 1 > Set DATES

After you login to 'ProjectBrowser.com'
-> Click on 'Reports'
-> Enter the start date
-> Enter the end date
-> Click 'Refine'

# 2 > Lookup USER

Now that you have set the date range
-> In the top middle of the screen type in the name of the STAFF member you want to lookup
-> push ENTER on your keyboard (or click the magnifying glass icon)

After the screen reloads to the correct user
-> Click 'Payroll' in the middle box

NOTE: If you looked and find more then one user you first need to choose the user

TROUBLESHOOTING: If you cannot find a user, try a smaller part of their name

# 3 > View Payroll

You are now viewing the information
-> Months are separated into columns
-> The right column is a total of all the months chosen for this specific date range report

# 4 > View Detailed Rows (step 1)

If you want to see the detailed rows that make up the calculations

First search for the name in the top right 
-> push ENTER to submit the search 

# 5 > View Detailed Rows (step 2)

You are now viewing all the rows associated with this user
-> You can click 'details' to view the details for each row
-> You can modify a row if you need to

If you want to export to a spreadsheet OR view all info on a screen 
-> click 'export to spreadsheet'

# 6 > View Detailed Rows (step 3)

You are now viewing all the rows for the date period you entered
-> At the bottom is a total of all the columns

If you want to export this to a spreadsheet (like EXCEL)
-> Simply push CTRL + A (CMD+A on mac)
-> Then push CTRL + C (CMD+C on mac)
-> Then switch to your spreadsheet program
-> Click once on an empty row
-> Push CTRL + V (CMD +V) 
-> This will paste all the rows into your spreadsheet program