Category Overview

After you have added all your data, you want a way to easily share your financial data organized in categories with your accountant. 

This is an easy process and gives your accountant access to all data, reports as well as the ability to download all the files you uploaded. 

# 1 > Reports

To view the reports
-> Click on Reports on the left menu
-> Then SET the START and END dates (top right)
-> Click REFINE
-> Then click 'CATEGORIES'

NOTE: If you want to view the current fiscal year, you can click 'fiscal year summary' which will display the same reports but with the start and end dates reflecting your companies fiscal years dates automatically.

# 2 > Overview

You are now viewing an overview of the entire period your selected
-> If you want to view more dates, click the 'return to report' TOP LEFT and set the dates there

The following information is available
- All months between dates selected: Balance, Income, Expenses
- Then below is each month separately with also the balance, income and expenses
- All the categories are separated first by TYPE: Expenses, income etc
- Then within each type you have the categories
- And you have columns of all the months that exist
- On the RIGHT side you also have a total which is the sum of all the months that are visible

- You are able to click on the category name to view all the detailed info for that SPECIFIC category
- You are also able to click on the AMOUNT in each MONTH and this will display all the detailed info ONLY within that particular month

NOTE: You can interact with the following:
- Category title 

# 3 > Details

You are now viewing the detailed view
- FISCAL YEAR: click to return to the fiscal year report
- 2019-06-11: Click on the date to EDIT this entry
- FILES: click on the files that were uploaded to view example this allows to see the invoice from FIDO
- ASSIGNED: communcations: Allows to REASSIGN to a different category (Choose then click 're-assign' at the bottom)
- RBC-BANK / FIDO: This shows that money moved FROM rbc-bank TO FIDO
- Amounts: this shows the amount of money and on the RIGHT the total of the actual invoice

# 4 > View Invoice

When you click on the FILE download icon
-> A PDF will download and OPEN with the FULL SCANNED Invoice