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The ProjectBrowser Simplified Process

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Simplify your daily tasks: Project management, Time-Tracking, CRM, Invoicing and Bookkeeping data entry tasks.

ProjectBrowser.com our software as a service solution (SAAS) APP is uncomplicated and easily manageable.

  • Login to access your data from any device connected to the Internet
  • Multiple login permissions make sure that users have only access to the data they are responsible for.
  • Ensure your projects stay on budget by tracking production time against invoiced amounts.
  • Our system streamlines all the necessary bookkeeping tasks before your accountant gets involved. 

Our Features

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Intuitive Design

Easy navigation allows to get to each function without reloading the page -> simply click to open / expand and get detailed functionality.

  • Each section opens to an expandable menu that lets you easily access all sub-page functions.
  • Quick Access: Start tracking time on a project or task, or quickly create a new task.
  • Convenient prominent buttons on the current page: LINKS (access any number of website links), HELP (watch precise video instructions), and NOTES (add notes).
  • View up-to-date information and data for the current week, and track your procedures and progress.
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Manage Projects

Manage projects by choosing from a selection of detailed functions. Update features easily and efficiently by clicking active links.

  •  Clearly designed overview of all stages of project management.
  •  Click to create new projects.  
  •  Click to see active projects, projects on hold, completed projects, canceled projects, project requirements.
  •  Access unbilled hours to create a quote.
  •  View percentage of project completion. Ensure that your project stays on track.
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Task Management

Manage multiple complex tasks without difficulty.

  • Click to open multiple stages of task management.
  • Choose from a number of functions: View task description, change date for task to be completed, re-assign task to another staff member.
  • Add a new task, view all tasks assigned to staff, view recent tasks worked on, view tasks that are awaiting approval or tasks that are on hold.
  • Timer for tracking hours for each task and staff working on task.
  • Upload files and download files, view passwords.
  • Easy to follow procedure for tasks: Start working on task and track time, edit task and add comments; send finished task for approval or escalate to the manager for clarification.
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CRM - Keep track of all your contacts

Manage extensive and complex data for all your customers, and keep track of your contacts. Stay informed and organized and be proactive.

ProjectBrowser makes it possible to run your business more smoothly, and lets you close the sale more easily.

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Billing / Invoicing

Create invoices on Project Browser and easily send them to your customers

  • Easy links at the top of the page allow to download PDF, or click to pay online.
  • The invoices can be modified in line with your marketing.
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Track all your expenses easily with our bookkeeping engine

  • No complex accounting terminology, anyone can add expenses.
  • No complicated reversing if you make an error.
  • When completed you can export the data on a spreadsheet to your accountant to finalize.
  • The spreadsheet includes links to view full info, including receipts that were added to ProjectBrowser.
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Track recurring charges for your customers.

  • Setup ongoing charges that you bill to your customers regularly monthly or yearly.
  • Add discounts for customers with grandfathered plans.
  • Add relevant info for each subscription.

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Pull up reports for various criteria.

Reports can be scheduled to run at regular intervals.

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Optimize your business procedures by creating form letters that your staff can quickly send out.

Save time and money by creating a selection of specific letters that don’t need to be re-created every time you need to send a letter.



Securely add passwords that your company uses.

You can add a password, and if needed restrict access to a certain staff / project / subscription.
You can avoid your staff having to email one another for the latest password.


Automatic verification

Automatic verification allows you to be notified about any changes occurring online.

You can set up an email notification warning when a website is offline, so you can be vigilant and take action before your customer notices.


ProjectBrowser.com Individual Business Executive Enterprise
Monthly Subscription $ 10 $ 49 $ 99 CALL
Annual Subscription 2 Months Free 2 Months Free 2 Months Free CALL
User-Login (Staff, Owner or admin) 1 5 10 100+
Client-Login (Invoices, projects, etc) 10 99 unlimited unlimited
Projects 5 20 200 Unlimited
Project management YES YES YES YES
Calendar overview YES YES YES YES
Time-Tracker YES YES YES YES
Subscription monitoring YES YES YES YES
Task assignment YES YES YES YES
User hierachy YES YES YES YES
Create quotes YES YES YES YES
Bookkeeping YES YES YES YES
Support Email-only                            
email / phone (15 min max)                            
email / phone (30 min max)                            
Create quotes from time tracker - YES YES YES
Create quotes from subscriptions - YES YES YES
Customize email template - w/ANNUAL INCLUDED YES
Language profiled from user - - YES YES
Task successors - - YES YES
Managed consultation & Managed operations - - - YES



    Staff get paid for work they do, and work they do is tracked against projects, and projects are compared to invoiced amounts. This ensures you are always up-to-date and don't lose time and money when you don't have to.

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