Creating and Sending Quotes

# 1 > Create Quote

To add a quote, click "Quotes" -> "Add".

# 2 > Name and assigned user

Name your quote, set the user and then click Save.

# 3 > List of quotes

To access the list of quotes, click "Quotes"  locate your quote and click "Modify".

# 4 > Set barcode

Choose an option from the barcode dropdown then click Save.

# 5 > PDF links

Here you can download the PDF or copy the browser URL and send it to someone

# 6 > Send function: Choose

Project browser also features a 'SEND' function that allows you to send email directly from the website. 

To start 'Quotes' ->Send

# 7 > Send function: Finalize

You can now customize the email that will be sent:

The from can be your currently logged in email OR the company email 
- Email: This is WHO will receive this email
- Doc to use as template: Choose the DOC that was prepared for your quotes (to modify go to Docs and edit the DOC)
(If there is no Docs available, Click 'Add Doc' to create one)
- Subject: the subject of the email
- Message: The message of the email

NOTE: the FULL_CAPS CANNOT be modified as they link to the actual links, so leave them intact or they will not connect to the quote when sending
- Click Send


# 8 > Send function: SENT

After you click 'Send'

The email will be sent
-> The from email will also receive a copy of the message

Notice your customers can now click on the link to view the quotes. 

NOTE: Remember you can modify the email at DOCS

# 9 > Accessing PDF

Click the "Link" to access the PDF of the quote.