ProjectBrowser features a calendar that displays all tasks currently assigned to yourself or your group you are assigned to

# 1 > View

Click on the side menu - CALENDAR
- This will display your calendar 
Notice the main functions in red
TOP RIGHT: Switch between month, week, day & list
TOP LEFT: Switch to the next and previous views
TASK: click on any task to open and view detail

# 2 > Task Detail

After clicking on a task on the calendar
-> This slides out a task from the right
TASK NAME: click on the task name to view a dedicated page
START WORKING: click the green button to start tracking your time on a task
TEST OWNER: click to easily re-assign this task to another user or group
DATE: Click on the date to reassign this task to a new due date
PASSWORDS: Click to see passwords which are connected to this project
ADD-TIME: Add bulk hours to this task
SEND: click to email to your customers info about this task
ADD/UPDATE COMMENT: click to add a comment to this task
REMAINING: Comments which are still active. When they are complete - click complete
RECENT: hours which have been added to this task
TASK: This is the original task that was assigned
HISTORY: click to view a full history of the task
CLIENT: click to view the client
CLOSE: click to close slideout