Assign your work by PHASE instead of STAFF

To keep a company running efficiently it is important to assign tasks to specific phases in your workflow, rather than assigning them to individual staff.
Assigning staff to a specific phase of the workflow will avoid bottlenecks of staff having to work on too many tasks, and instead will resolve delays by moving tasks more efficiently through your workflow phases before completion.

Focusing on the PHASE allows the directors to:
- assess the critical bottlenecks of the workflow more easily
- hire new staff / managers for specific phases of the workflow only when needed
- ensure the company stays more cost-effective and efficient

Focusing on the PHASE allows the managers will be able to:
- balance the workflow by distributing it more evenly between all staff
- monitor which phase of the workflow is bottlenecked, and assign staff and resources accordingly
- get feedback more efficiently from all staff about task status and accelerating to another phase
- allow staff to participate on a particular task of a phase even if they cannot complete it
- this prevents tasks from getting delayed when queuing tasks for specific staff

Focusing on the PHASE allows the staff:
- work more efficiently and reduce stress
- collaborate on working on a task by asking for help from managers as well as other staff
- to work to their full potential by partially completing tasks and leaving them open when needed
- to continue working on open tasks in the same phase, and / or move them to the appropriate next phase

# 1 > DIRECTOR: Create your workflow model

First you need to create your workflow model
-> This is unique for all companies
Create a phase for each part of the work
Our 9-step process allows to move your work efficiently through the major stages of the work-flow


# 2 > MANAGER: Add your workflow model

When you have ceated your workflow model you can add it into ProjectBrowser
Navigate to: SETTINGS > Task Types
You now see the task types for your account, and the image of the task types we created
ADD NEW: Create a new phase in your workflow
1-3: These are default types available for all: Approval, Complete, Cancelled
DELETE: If no task is assigned to a type you can delete it
USERS ASSIGNED: Shows which users are assigned to the specific task type

# 3 > MANAGER: Add / edit task type

You can ADD or EDIT a task type
- Add the name
- Click the checkbox next to the name of the staff you want to be included on the tasks that are assigned to this type

# 4 > MANAGER: Assign tasks

To assign a TASK
-> Assign to the STEP in your workflow

# 5 > View "My Tasks"

Each member of your company's staff can view 'My Tasks' to see the tasks they have been assigned
See the image:
- I am seeing these 3 tasks because I am part of the "Management" "Step 5: Approve-it" and "Step 3: Plan-it" task types
- Because I am very busy I can get someone to help me out with a workflow PHASE instead of a single task, which makes my company way more efficient in the long run. 

# 6 > STAFF: Work on tasks

Staff continues working on a task in a specific PHASE of the workflow until the following:
- Staff can collaborate with other staff in the company when working on tasks by asking the manager or other staff for clarification and continue working
- Staff can leave the task open for other staff to continue working on the task, and move on to another task
- Staff can move the open task to the appropriate next phase, when all work an a task of a specific phase is finished.

This model will help staff to work to their full potential, by allowing them to focus on their unique strengths, and pushing forward the tasks with less stress.

# 7 > MANAGER: Complete tasks

When there is no more work to be done on a task the manager can now review / verify the task is done correctly
-> The manager now completes the tasks and email the client with the status.