Finalizing Year-End / Making Changes

Project Browser features a report to view a calculation of your entire business between a date range. 

This can be used to finish up your year and prepare all the information for your accountant. 

If you notice any data was entered incorrectly, you can quickly re-assign to the correct category. 

# 1 > View Reports

To view any report simply click 'Reports' on the left menu
-> Set the START & END dates which you want your report to be within
-> Then click 'Refine'

Your dates have not been set and any report you view will display data within the date range. 

# 2 > Category - Report

Category report gives you a great display into all your money devided by categories which you specify. 

Eg you can see how much money you earned compared to expenses you spent. 

If you have multiple months it will display in multiple months. 

# 3 > Make changes

You are now viewing all the data that make up 'Income' 

You can now re-assign anything to the correct category.
-> Click next to each row the drop down and choose the correct category
-> Click 're-assgign' and ONLY the rows which are checked will be re-assigned to the category in the dropdown 

# 4 > Re-assign all rows

If you want to re-assign all rows in this category
-> Click 'All' to select all rows in this view (Rows on the next page will NOT be included)
-> From the drop down at the top of the table choose the new category you want to assign to
-> At the bottom / top click 're-assign' and all the rows you marked will be re-assigned to the new category

NOTE: You can combine the top drop down the the drop down on each row. Eg you can assign all rows to one category but then use the drop down on each row to choose that specific row to go to a different category 

# 5 > Change Pages

At the top you can jump between categories by simply clicking the dropdown and choosing a new category
-> The page will refresh with the new category