Create/View Invoices

# 1 > Convert

To access the list of quotes, click "Quotes". Scroll down the page, locate your quote and click "Convert ".

# 2 > Popup

Click "Ok"

# 3 > Client access

In the Client Access column, you can access the Invoice PDF by clicking "Link" or download it via the "Download" link

# 4 > Send function: Choose

Project Browser allows you to send emails directly from the Invoice system. 
-> This saves time !

Click 'Invoices'
Click 'Send Statement' for the appropriate invoice

# 5 > Send function: Modify email

You can now modify the email that will be sent
- From: This can be the email which is currently logged in OR the company email (set in settings)
- Email: This is WHO will receive this email, you can modify or use the default email on file for this customer
- Doc to use as template: Choose 'Invoice' from the list (This can be modified in DOCS)
- Subject: The email subject
- Message: The email that will be sent

NOTE: the UPPERCASE_PHRASES need to be left intact in order to connect and automaticaly sent the invoices

# 6 > Send function: Sent

The email is NOW sent
-> The FROM email will also get a copy of the message
-> Notice you can click on the link in the message to view the INVOICES

# 7 > Send function: Status

Each time an email is sent the date / time will be recorded

-> Click Preview to View the Status