Bookkeeping and expenses

# 1 > Adding an expense

Click "Bookkeeping" on the left side menu. Then click the "ADD +" link in the top Right

# 2 > Expense page - 1st step

On this page, first click 'Overview' and fill in the amount, type (expense/purchase) and description

# 3 > Expense page - 2nd step

Now click "FROM-TO" and add Start Date, From Whom, End Date and To Who the money goes.

# 4 > Expense page - 3rd step (optional)

Now click "Misc"
-> Choose file if any file to upload
-> Select Claim Travel if any
-> Click Save
Side Explanation Menu will open to add taxes


# 5 > Explanation details

->Click "Click to add... into the amount"
GST/PST will be calculated to the amount and added automatically

-> Select Category
-> Add discount if any(optional)
-> Click "Save"

# 6 > Final

Now the full details should appear in Bookkeeping Main menu