Checking TASKS

Project Browsers has a easy to use task system. 

All tasks are assigned to either 'People directly' OR 'Groups'. 
-> If you want to start working on a task click 'start working', this will track the time for the task and will ensure no one else see's the task if their window and work on it at the same time. 

When you are done working simply stop the timer. 
-> If you want to adjust the amount of time for the task you can do so after the fact (Until the time has been paid for => next billing cycle)


Following the instructions below how to use the Project Browser Task System.

# 1 > Login

First login to:

On the left side you can choose 
-> My Tasks: view all the task which are assigned to YOU or the GROUP you are assigned to
They are sorted by date / priority.
-> Click "View" to See the Task Detail
-> Click "Start Working" to Start working


# 2 > Start working

From this view You can see the detail of the task you selected
-> Click 'start working'

NOTE: it is important you click start working on a task assigned to a GROUP you are assigned to to ensure 2 people don't start working on the same task.

# 3 > Working on tasks

You are now working on a task - Top timer is counting the time you are working)
-> When you are done working - If you click 'Stop timer' it will use the time that is counting above OR you can override the amount of time with the drop down (NOTE: you can still change this time later)
-> By default all jobs start with a min .25, if you do NOT want to charge the min you can uncheck and it will then use the current timer even if less then .25


# 4 > Working on tasks - Cont'd

-> If you want to RE-ASSIGN this task to another staff you can add comment in "internal communication" box and click "Assigned:"  selection box
Choose the name of the person who will take over this task and when. You Still need to add the time you worked on this task with a description
Wait it till it turns green and it will be automatically redirected and saved to the system.
-> click STOP TIMER and it will be automatically save the time
-> Add an explanation of the work that was completed. This is public and clients will receive this information on their invoice. 
-> All passwords for this specific customer are included on this window - click "Passwords" and use the credentials to login to the customers services. 

# 5 > Adjusting time after the fact

After you 'Stop Timer' you can still adjust the time you worked on a task 

After the task is paid on the next billing cycle you will not be able to adjust the time anymore. 

-> Click Activity On left Panel
-> Select the task you would like to modify hours
-> Click 'Gear' button

# 6 > Adjusting time after the fact CONT'd

Simply click the pencil and adjust the time that was worked and will be billed to the customer.