Process Staff Hours

This step by step instruction will show how to process unpaid hours for a staff

# 1 > Select User

From Left Menu,

Click Users->Click Staff's Name

# 2 > Select Hours Accumulated

From Users Page, Click 'Hours Accumulated' link


# 3 > Accumulated Hours page

You will be prompted to Accumulated Hours page for the particular user

- On Top Header, Total unpaid hours is shown
- Below Header on top section, Total unpaid hours for each day is shown.
- On bottom section, detailed unpaid hours are shown separately for each day.
- You can edit description, hours or date by clicking the 'Edit' button
- By clicking "Switch to ARCHiVE" button, you can view the past processed hours.

# 4 > Process Hours

To process hours,

- You can click 'check All' button to select all the hours and dates OR
- You can click each check box manually to process
- Give a name to 'Payroll name'

# 5 > Submit

After selecting the hours 
-> Click 'Process Hours' to process selected hours

# 6 > View Paid Hours

To View the Paid Hours
-> Click 'Switch to ARCHIVE'
-> Choose the session you like to view