Finalizing TASKS

How to Finalize a task using PROJECT Browser

# 1 > Awaiting Approval

First select 'Approval' from drop down menu and Click Refine
-> This lets you view all the tasks which were worked on by the development team
-> It is important to review the tasks and ensure all the updates were completed correctly. 

Click on the task NAME
-> This will display an overview of what was completed: The initial task and the last comment / hour that was completed

Click on 'Hours/Comments' to view the full history of comments
-> It is important to review all comments and ensure they are all completed per the clients requests

# 2 > Full hours / comments

After you click the TAB: 'hours/comments'
-> You are now viewing a full history of this task
-> Read through and ensure all points were address and completed on the DEV site


# 3 > View the testing websites

To view the DEV site: Click on DEV (next to view websites)
To view the CLIENT site: Click on CLIENT (next to view websites)
To view the LIVE site: Click on LIVE (next to view websites)
To MOVE sites around click 'MANAGEMENT'

All our developers upload the changes FIRST to a DEV site
->When the changes are completed on DEV -> we then move this to the CLIENT location
-> This ensures we do NOT disrupt the CLIENT link during updates

When all the changes are complete CLICK 'Management' (this will allow us to move the DEV to CLIENT)

# 4 > Management

After you click 'MANAGEMENT'
-> Enter the password assigned to you
-> You are now able to manage the DEV and CLIENT websites
-> You are also able to Launch changes to the LIVE website

If you want to MOVE a DEV site to CLIENT
-> Click 'prepareClientfromDEV' in the CLIENT line
-> This now erases the current CLIENT link and replaces with our NEW DEV site (which was updated by our developers)

FULL LIST OF OPTIONS for management
DEV: createDEVfromCLIENT: This will copy the files from CLIENT to the DEV location: ideal of developers before starting to work
DEV: createDEVfromLIVE: same as above but copies from the LIVE website: This is ideal for the developers if there are NEWER changes on the LIVE webiste.

CLIENT: prepareCLIENTfromDEV: this will move the DEV files TO CLIENT: used when wanting to show clients the new changes
CLIENT: prepareCLIENTfromLIVE: If you want to copy the LIVE websites and put it on CLIENT

LIVE: lauchDEV: This will move all DEV files to LIVE: If you want to move the changes from DEV -> LIVE without showing the client using the CLIENT link
LIVE: lauchCLIENT: After the client approves the changes on CLIENT: click this and the files on CLIENT will be moved LIVE
LIVE: restoreRecent: If you launch either DEV / CLIENT and there are issues, you can restore the LIVE website to the recent version

# 5 > Sending files to CLIENT

When you have prepare the CLIENT link
-> eg moved the DEV -> CLIENT
-> You are now ready to send the LINK to the customer

Click on CLIENT
-> and copy and paste this from the address bar

NOTE: NEVER send the client a DEV link
-> Often there are issues during the developement, so we do NOT want to give access to this link


It is best to send the customer a pre-defined letter so you include all important info for the customer each time you send the link

If possible reply to the a previous email from the customer
-> Paste the DOC in the reply to the email

Otherwise create a new email to the customer 
-> Paste the DOC into the email

# 7 > Create email

When creating the EMAIL

add the most recent comment
-> If there are mutiple comments choose the one that makes the most sense