How to Process Payments

# 1 > Look For User

When a Payment is received (by Cheque or ... )
-> On Main page , On Top Menu, Search for the particular user by selecting 'Users' on left box and type 'usersname' on right box and Click 


# 2 > Process Payment

On Bottom of Users View page,
-> Look for the amount due which you got the cheque for
-> Compare the right amount 
-> Click Process payment

if Multiple invoices -> Click 'Process All'

# 3 > Create Deposit

On Invoice Process page,
-> Double check the invoice Number and Amount
-> Click 'Create New Deposit'

# 4 > Add Deposit Info

On Deposit Page Add,
=> Amount
=> Date from and Date To
=> From, To User
=> Description
=> Click Save

# 5 > Associate Invoice related invoice Number/Numbers

 Click "Associate which invoices are part of this deposit"

# 6 > Select Related Invoices

Check Related invoices and Click 'Process'

# 7 > Process Confirmed

- When the deposit is saved, it will show in bottom of users page under 'Last Payment'