How to create a project

How to create a project in ProjectBrowser

# 1 > Creating a project

To create a project, click "Projects" then "Create"

# 2 > Naming Project

Name your project, assign a client, add Start date and End date and Description 

# 3 > Adding Info

Now you can fill in the status and links of the project

# 4 > Advanced Options

At the bottom, click the "Advanced Options" link. 

Here you can set the invoice period, as well as set the budgeted hours for this project. You can choose a specific number of hours, leave it blank (which will result in hourly billing) or check the "Do not invoice time" option to avoid billing client altogether

# 5 > Adding task information To the Project

Click on to "+" on top of the left menu

-> Add all the info Required
-> Select choose existing project
-> Select the project name you just created

Once you've entered your information, scroll down to the bottom and click Create.

# 6 > Working on task

After you've saved your new task, click "Start Working" to add hours to it

# 7 > Logging time

After you've worked on task, write what was completed  and click "Stop Timer"

# 8 > Accessing projects

To access the project page,
-> Click the "Projects" link on the left side menu.
-> Click the "+" sign under Actions to Create Task