Setting up SettleSpam

How to setup SettleSpam with a new user

# 1 > Switch

Switch to the group in ProjectBrowser

-> Navigate to users

# 2 > User

If the user does not exist yet, create a new user

Enter the name and type

scroll down and fill in the settle spam section
host: this is the server that has the email server
Imap_user: this is the email address
Imap_pass: this is the password for the email address
Imap_encription: set the type of encryption
Emails Client Location: the website that has the SettleSpam.php client (located in projectBrowser/app/webroot/SettleSpam.php)
Check the box: Emails Process


# 3 > Init

Switch to the specific user and view

scroll to the bottom and there is a settlespam section

click 'init'

this will create the folder on the email account etc

the user should be setup

and if you checkboxed in the previous step it should be running