Lookup Users Payroll info

You can use ProjectBrowser to quickly see reports for staff and their calculated payroll information. 

# 1 > Add Payroll Info

You are able to add payroll info to the site without paying for a payroll system
-> This requires that you manually add the deducations

NOTE: it is important that an accountant finalize this info at the year end

# 2 > Add info

You will be entering the info on 3 different screens

  1. Choose Payroll as the type
  2. Add the total amount to be paid (GROSS)
  3. Click SAVE top right OR click 'FROM-TO'
  4. Now enter the DATE which the transaction happened
  5. OPTIONAL you can change the date received if you need to do so
  6. Choose who PAID the amount (eg cash or cheque) FROM USER
  7. Choose who RECEIVED this amount (the staff member) TO USER
  8. Click SAVE
  9. A right section will appear to add the breakdown - CLICK top right the CALCULATOR to start the calculation process

# 3 > Calculation

A popup will appear
-> This allows you to choose the amount for the staff member to add into the payroll
-> Choose the info that apply to this staff member
-> Click Calcul - A new window will appear with the info
-> You can now CLICK BACK to the first tab to enter the info

# 4 > Set DATES

After you login to 'ProjectBrowser.com'
-> Click on 'Reports'
-> Enter the start date
-> Enter the end date
-> Click 'Refine'
-> OPTIONAL: you can click categories to get a total for all staff

# 5 > Lookup USER

AFTER - you have set the date range
-> Click USERS (side menu)
-> Choose the user type to be 'STAFF'
-> Click REFINE
-> OPTIONAL at the top you can add the name (or partial) to search for a specific user - then click refine
-> You are now viewing all the staff
-> Click the left button name to view that staff member

# 6 > View USER

You are now viewing the Staff user
-> click PAYROLL to view the totals for the date range you specific in reports
-> click BOOKKEEPING to view the detailed info that was entered and modify enteries if you wish
-> click SPREADSHEET to view a version that you can COPY and PASTE into EXCEL

# 7 > View Payroll

You are now viewing the payroll information
-> Months are separated into columns
-> The right column is a total of all the months chosen for this specific date range report
-> You can change the date range on the top right

# 8 > View Bookkeeping / detailed Rows

You are now viewing booking (all the rows associated with this user)
-> You can click 'details' to view the details for each row
-> You can modify a row if you need to

# 9 > View Spreadsheet

You are now viewing all the rows for the date period you entered
-> At the bottom is a total of all the columns

If you want to export this to a spreadsheet (like EXCEL)
-> Simply push CTRL + A (CMD+A on mac)
-> Then push CTRL + C (CMD+C on mac)
-> Then switch to your spreadsheet program
-> Click once on an empty row
-> Push CTRL + V (CMD +V) 
-> This will paste all the rows into your spreadsheet program