Invoices Report

It is easy to view all invoice within a period
-> This allows to get totals, see client share etc. 

# 1 > Choose report

To access the invoices report
- click on LEFT MENU: Reports
- TOP RIGHT choose dates / period to view
- Click REFINE
- Click 'Invoices'

# 2 > View

You are now viewing all the INVOICES between the dates you selected (in the previous window)
- INVOICE # - click to view the full invoice
- USER: Which client this invoice is assigned to: click to view that client
- SubTotal,Taxes,Total: this shows the info from the invoice
- Payment Dates: All the payments which have been applied to this invoice
- Balance: Used for accounting to see if any invoices were NOT paid before the end of the fiscal year
- Payments during the same period: This shows which clients in the date range you selected made the most payments
- Type/Amount/Percentage: this shows a breakdown of the categories for the payments that were received