Create public docs

ProjectBrowser allows you to create step - by - step instructions with images 

These instructions can then be added to a public website. 

# 1 > Login

Login to ProjectBrowser.com
-> Click 'Docs'. By default you can see all the docs that are created
-> At the top drop down list you can click the category to refine and only view a certain category
->  You can  ''view' OR 'edit' on the selected category
-> You can click 'ADD' to create a new doc

# 2 > Create ADD

You are now creating a new doc
-> Name: this is the Internal name
-> Letters Category: this is the category that it will be assigned. Some categories are connected to LIVE websites, so as soon as you assign it will be displayed on the LIVE website
-> English letter subject en: this is the PUBLIC name that will be displayed 
-> English Content en: This is the public description that will be displayed 

The other fields are optional:
Tasks: this is internal content that can be added and will NOT be displayed publically 
French subject / French Content: you can add a french version that will be displayed on the PUBLIC websites

# 3 > Created

You have now created a DOC
-> if you assigned it to a category that is connected to a LIVE website: it will now be visible on the LIVE website

Now let's create our steps that explain each step of our doc
->Click Steps
-> Click 'Add Step'

# 4 > Create STEP

You are now creating a ONE of many STEPS that will explain your concept
-> Title en: this is the public name that will display on the website for this specific step
-> Description en: This is the description box where you can explain the step in detail
-> Add Image: you can browser your computer for a screenshot you created that displays info about the step you are creating
-> Sort: you can arrange your steps if you like into a specific order
NOTE: you can start with sort: 5 and just create the steps in the order you want to be displayed and they will be. You only need sort if you want to re-arrange the steps if you created them out of order. 

click 'Save'

# 5 > LIVE

And you have now created a new doc that displays how to do a task
-> EG see attached this is one doc we created on 'updateCase.com' that walks through how to update your website without HTML experience. 
-> Each picture is a single step you created previously
-> The top paragraph is the text you added when first creating the 'doc -> add'